Our story

"Record covers are perhaps the timelines of our lives. They remind us of where we were, what we were doing, and who we were with; they mark our student days, our holidays, our growing up, and our coming of age."

Richard Evans

Hypergallery owners Emily and Rob with prints


Our signed and authenticated album cover art prints give you the chance to express your musical allegiances in a new and sophisticated way, collecting high quality artworks associated with the music you love, and building a special art collection from a unique genre.

Hypergallery has been publishing and dealing in limited edition album cover art prints for over 10 years. We are album art enthusiasts, record cover lovers, well-connected collectors, and premium print publishers devoted to working with the greatest artists associated with this unique genre.

Founded in 2005 by Rob Smeaton, Hypergallery launched with a huge collection of prints published by Rob’s former business Rockoptic, which in turn had been born out of a conversation with album art design legend Storm Thorgerson. Back in the early Noughties, Storm was looking for a partner in his ambitious desire to publish work from his own incredible archive of Hipgnosis album cover art, beginning with Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. As a former designer and LP collector Rob leapt at the chance. This encounter set Hypergallery off on a journey of discovery, meeting little gems and mega stars of design and music from the 1950s right up to the present day.

Hypergallery’s growing reputation in this genre brought Peter Gabriel’s Real World to our door in 2009, when we embarked on a joint venture to publish 15 of Peter’s album covers as limited edition prints. And here we are now, proudly celebrating seven decades of fantastic sleeve design and delighting in the growing renown for album cover art.

Hypergallery is based in Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, England where prints may be viewed by appointment. We are always happy to spend some time showing off the work on the walls and from the plan chests – just email and let us know when you’d like to drop in!

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