Jeff Beck


    Capturing Truth: An Intimate Portrait of Jeff Beck

    Jeff was just something other, you know?Mark Knopfler

    80 years after his birth and a year after his passing, this UK exclusive exhibition brings legendary guitarist Jeff Beck to life through photographic portraits spanning 50 years. A virtuoso who defies categorisation, his strings sang stories of rebellion and passion. From the smoky clubs of London to sold-out arenas worldwide, Beck’s music transcends generations.

    In Capturing Truth: An Intimate Portrait of Jeff Beck we not only see stunning photos of the multi-Grammy winner and two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, but also meet an artist couple with a lifelong passion for music: photographers Maryanne Bilham Knight and Robert M Knight.

    Their distinct portfolios come together to tell a story of creative and personal relationships forged in a notoriously precarious genre. In a creative and now life partnership that dates back to 1986, this is the first time they have shown together in the UK.

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