Flights Of Fancy

James Marsh 'Flights Of Fancy' - an exhibition of  Talk Talk cover art

Haddenham Arts Centre, Ely

1st May to 31st August 2021

On the occasion of Talk Talk‘s 40th anniversary, Hypergallery presents an exhibition featuring Marsh‘s most interesting album and singles covers published in large scale format as exquisite limited edition prints.

James Marsh is a painter, illustrator, designer and author, best known for his striking album covers for new wave band Talk Talk. Marsh’s art has been the perfect match to Talk Talk’s music ever since his design for their debut album in 1982. It is a stunning catalogue of work, the product of a unique and very special relationship: the band have been devoted to their chosen artist throughout their career; the artist is a genuine, lifelong fan of the music.

"undoubtedly, the creative collaborations with Talk Talk remain my most enduring to date"

The musical landscape of the 1980s was peppered with striking band or star portraiture. The New Romantic movement ruled the charts and since MTV had launched only the year before, how you looked was becoming as important as how you sounded.

Talk Talk, the English band headed up by Mark Hollis who died in 2019, released their debut album, The Party’s Over, in 1982. They announced their arrival with the following statement: “The music business is a fashion business”, before going on to declare Talk Talk as a band breaking through on music alone.

Marsh was asked to create the cover for their debut, removing the band members from the picture. From that first striking cover, his work became inextricably linked to the aesthetic of the band, and in fact to the visual story of the era of which they were part.

As you will see in the richly fantastical images of the natural world that Marsh created for Talk Talk’s subsequent releases, The Party’s Over marked the beginning of a decade long relationship so rewarding and long lasting that it is woven all the way through the fabric of Marsh’s life as an artist, a true flight of fancy.

Hypergallery is delighted to be able to share this exhibition of signed, limited edition silkscreens and archival inkjets showcasing the jewels in Marsh’s impressive and distinctive portfolio with Haddenham Arts Centre in Ely, Cambridgeshire.