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Leon Rosenblatt

After graduating with honours from the Art Center College of Design, Leon Rosenblatt began working as a fine artist in Los Angeles and Miami. In 1974 he moved to New York and built up an enviable portfolio of clients. His paintings for Random House and The National Lampoon Magazine have been honoured in the National Society of Illustrators Annuals.

Leon Rosenblatt


In 1976 he accepted a Fellowship at the University of Miami and created a process named Stat Art which allows original lithographic fine art to be printed on large commercial newspaper presses in edition runs of up to one million. In 1979, Artist Robert Rauschenberg agreed to collaborate with Rosenblatt and the Miami Herald by using Stat Art to create the world’s largest edition of an original lithograph as the cover for Tropic, the Herald’s Sunday Magazine.

Rosenblatt was consequently honoured as a nominee for the Florida Governor’s Award for the Arts and asked to present two of the four original press plates and signed artist’s proofs to the Smithsonian Institute, as well as the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Since then, he has interviewed and portrayed both Andy Warhol and Christo; and has been a contributing author for The Miami Herald, Miami Magazine, New Times and Islands Magazine.

In 1984, Rosenblatt founded a multimedia advertising and production company called Parallel Productions where he produced the first televised Key West Fantasy Fest for Andy Warhol’s cable television channel in New York.
Along with his son Demian, Rosenblatt started Parallel, designed in 1999, specializing in creating and branding new products for the fashion, accessory, media tech, and hospitality industries.

Leon Rosenblatt portrayed in front of his artwork

His fine art practice has garnered equal praise, with work exhibited in June 2010 at Sam the Butcher Contemporary Art in California and at the Miami Bakehouse during Art Basel 2013.