Definitely Maybe 30

Hypergallery Print Room
47 Market Place - Henley-on-Thames - RG4 7NP

July 1st > 31st
By chance or by appointment
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Exhibition Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Oasis’ Iconic Album "Definitely Maybe"

Showcasing Iconic Album Art and Photography of Oasis, The Verve, Happy Mondays, The Smiths, Stereophonics, and Suede by Michael Spencer Jones, Scarlet Page, Central Station Design, and Stephen Wright



The Definitely Maybe 30 - Where and When exhibition will transport visitors to the heart of the Britpop movement, featuring iconic imagery from bands that shaped the sound and style of the 1990s. The prints on display celebrate Oasis with the Manchester bands that came before them, and the 90s guitar bands who grew up alongside them.

Oasis: Featuring Michael Spencer Jones' legendary cover art for Definitely Maybe and other pivotal works that capture the band’s most loved significant decade from their debut release in 1994 to (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? and Be Here Now.

The Verve: Showcasing evocative images by Scarlet Page and cover art by Michael Spencer Jones, revealing the band's iconic moments from the 1990s.

Happy Mondays: Highlighting Central Station Design’s distinctive and vibrant cover art that defined the band's aesthetic.

The Smiths: Including Stephen Wright's iconic photograph outside Salford Lad’s Club, immortalizing the band's influential presence.

Stereophonics and Suede: Presenting exclusive images by Scarlet Page and Michael Spencer Jones, offering a glimpse into the essence of these iconic bands.



Highlights of the Exhibition:

Authentic signed prints of the Definitely Maybe album cover and other works by Michael Spencer Jones.

Behind-the-scenes insights into the creation of some of the most memorable album covers of the 1990s.

Stunning prints by Scarlet Page, Central Station Design's vivid album art, and Stephen Wright’s iconic images of The Smiths.

Limited edition prints available for purchase, providing fans with a chance to own a piece of music history.

Preview copies of a beautiful new book by Michael Spencer Jones, to be published in two editions – a Collectors Edition with slip case and signed 10 x 8 print, and the Deluxe Edition which will be limited to 250 copies only.

This exhibition not only celebrates the music but also the visual artistry that defined a generation. It offers an immersive journey through the cultural landscape of Manchester that gave birth to Oasis, and beyond to the bands that blew up with them, highlighting the synergy between music and visual art - and artists - that characterized the Britpop era. It pays tribute to a vibrant period in music history when album art and photography were still integral to the cultural impact of the music.



“the rest is history” Michael Spencer Jones.

“It’s an honour to have contributed to this imagery that defined a generation” Scarlet Page.