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Born in 1975 in the Pampas lowlands of southern Brazil

Bwokaa studied industrial design in Santa Maria before moving to Sao Paulo and then to Lisbon, where he participated in multimedia and urban interference projects.
BWOKKA in his studio

In 2001 he moved to Barcelona

and began working in a variety of media: sculpture, painting, serigraphy and also ceramics, for which he employed both Japanese and Western techniques to create a unique series of vases, plates, sculptures and paintings in mud.

In recent years

he has worked in a broad range of media producing several thematic series, including among others: EXECUTIVES, composed of an indeterminate number of watercolors that simplify the form and expression of man; and JAZZ, comprising large format portraits in acrylic on canvas, which muse on the mythical figures of Jazz.
BWOKKA with his album cover for Corroncho
One of the EXECUTIVES series became the cover for the first Corroncho album, by Phil Manzanera and Lucho Brieva.
"it was a joy to be part of something so original and spontaneous."
That was soon followed by the Corroncho2 commission with Manzanera commissioning BWOKKA to create an image for every track on the album, exploring the themes in this epic tale with a joyful flourish.
BWOKKA signing Corroncho2 album artwork print
He combined this artistic work with his other passion, the kitchen, and has worked alongside great chefs including Eduard Xatruch, Oriol Castro and Mateu Casañas.
BWOKKA the chef