STUDIO VISIT / Storm Thorgerson

STUDIO VISIT / Storm Thorgerson

In 2016 we made what would be our last visit to Storm's Belsize Park studio.

Rob, Emily and daughter Gwen reflected in the StormStudios door

It was a sad occasion, the studio without Storm in it - though for the last few years he was more likely to be found in the French restaurant next door. Chez Bob was a convenient ground floor location in which he had taken to conducting most of his business; from meetings to proof approvals.

Our 2016 pilgrimage was a three-generation affair, with my three-year old in tow. For her it was a confusing place full of enticing toy-like things she wasn't allowed to touch. For us it was a last chance to see some of its hidden treasures. The Hipgnosis work would soon to be moved into the care of Storm's once partner, Aubrey Powell, who would begin the fastidious cataloguing project that has since made possible huge retrospectives of Hipgnosis work, two books, and Anton Corbjin's powerful homage film, Squaring The Circle. The rest would be left in the care of the StormStudios team who continue to work with, and beyond, his legacy.

As part of our STORM 80 celebration marking what would have been his 80th birthday this month, I thought it time to share our photos from that day, with thanks to Rupert Truman and the studio team who gave us that chance to say goodbye.

Shelf with awards at StormStudios
Film canisters at StormStudios
Film canisters at StormStudios
Model house for the cover of O.A.R's 2005 album 'Stories of a Stranger'
This is the model used in the cover artwork for O.A.R's 2005 album 'Stories of a Stranger'
Project folders at StormStudios
Project folders organised by artist name
Framed artwork for Powderfinger's Eye
Framed Powderfinger artwork
Chair from 10cc's Clever Clogs in the entrance to StormStudios with Storm's cane
The chair used in the artwork for 10cc's 'Clever Clogs', with Storm's cane