OUR STORY / Steve Miller and Storm Thorgerson

OUR STORY / Steve Miller and Storm Thorgerson

Storm Thorgerson’s Art Prints Signed by Steve Miller

In May 2011, Hypergallery had the privilege of meeting Steve Miller, the legendary rock musician, at a fundraiser concert in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Steve Miller graciously signed all the art prints featuring his album covers designed by Storm Thorgerson, the visionary artist behind some of the most iconic images in rock history.

Steve Miller also took the opportunity to write a personal message to Storm on some Hypergallery packing card:

Steve Miller writing a message for Storm Thorgerson
Steve Miller with his message for Storm Thorgerson
Message from Steve Miller to Storm Thorgerson


The message reads, "Hi Storm. Miss you, love you. Hope you re feeling stronger. Meanwhile the tour's going great. Rob sends his love. Kim sends her love. Peace love and happiness. Cheers, Steve."

The ArtsQuest Center where the band played is a contemporary performing arts centre on a site formally occupied by The Bethlehem Steel Corporation. Now home to an entire arts and entertainment district called SteelStacks, the plant's five blast furnaces have been left standing, and serve as the backdrop for this new campus. It is a dramatic venue and an inspiring place to be.

Here are some more photos of SteelStacks and Steve Miller signing Hypergallery prints in their shadow.

Steve Miller signing art print by Storm Thorgerson
Steve Miller signing Bingo! by Storm Thorgerson


The limited edition prints signed that day are stunning examples of Storm Thorgerson’s creative genius, with vivid colours and surreal scenes that capture the essence of Steve Miller’s music.

You can own a piece of rock history with these signed poster-size prints, available from Hypergallery.

  • Bingo! Published by Hypergallery in 2010, this art print showcases the artwork for Steve Miller’s 2010 album Bingo!, which features classic blues and R&B covers. The poster depicts a Wild West style standoff between two figures in a pose reminiscent of that devised by Storm for Pink Floyd's Delicate Sound of Thunder. Guitarists exchanging musical licks? Cowboys throwing rhymes? Chairs, pears, teddy bears - this is a fun and vibrant piece of art that celebrates Steve Miller’s love for blues music.

  • Water Guitar This print displays the artwork for Steve Miller’s 2011 album Let Your Hair Down, which is a companion to Bingo! and contains more blues and R&B covers. Co-published by Hypergallery  and StormStudios, the scene portrays a theatrical performance from a troupe of characters, metaphorically pouring their emotions into the music in the form of a guitar-shaped pond in a field of bright green grass. This is a whimsical and retro piece of art that reflects Steve Miller’s playful and adventurous spirit.

  • Big Discs Storm invoked a variation on a theme of leaning discs for this box-set design, creating a striking contrast between the natural and the artificial. Using a classic Thorgerson device, enormous records/LPs made of vinyl lean at an extreme if not impossible angle, turning circles into elegant ellipses. Shot at Holkham Bay in Norfolk, the sunny weather made up for the cumbersome effort of managing the heavy and cumbersome props.

  • Let You Hair Down, Baby Steve Miller's seventeenth album, recorded alongside Bingo!, was his second collaboration with Storm Thorgerson. The album was about having a good time, according to Miller. He said it was not about partying, but about seriously enjoying oneself. Storm designed an image that would make the viewer smile a little, have a brief moment of fun. Not an image that showed having a good time, but an image that delivered a good time. It makes us smile.

These limited editions are printed on high quality paper in archival inks. They are signed and numbered in pencil by Storm Thorgerson and countersigned by Steve Miller himself. These are rare and valuable collectibles that any fan of Steve Miller or Storm Thorgerson would love to have.

Order your print today and experience the joy of seeing this amazing collaboration between Steve Miller and Storm Thorgerson, two legends of rock and art, on your wall.