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OUR STORY / Ioannis

We first reached out to Ioannis in 2021 thought it feels like we have know each other for a lot longer!

We were in discussion with Red Light Management about publishing Styx album cover images – they have a great catalogue of interesting art – and the first artist that got back to us was Ioannis. We had a long Zoom chat – our calls are always long, lovely and inspiring – talking about the bands he has worked with, how he got into this genre and how much some of the artists in the Hypergallery catalogue had been huge influences on his work.

Out of that conversation came the proposal to work on editions of the two album covers he designed for Styx (Brave New World and Return To Paradise) and also a new poster to celebrate the Styx residency in Las Vegas early 2022.

Styx poster print for Venetian Theatre


We then went on to create two collections of NFTs with Ioannis for MusicArt. We are working closely with this new NFT marketplace whose values and focus is very similar to Hypergallery’s but working, of course, in the crypto space. Ioannis is so energetic and enthusiastic about exploring this new world with us and the work he has created for MusicArt is well worth a look: Ioannis NFTs.

Long story short, we have accomplished a lot together, creatively, in the short time we have known each other. Ioannis has set us up with a wonderful print studio in the USA, Visual Impact, and a gallery/framer who now handles distribution for us, for those editions printed in the States. He is a loyal, generous character with a deep and genuine passion for the music, a wealth of experience and a desire to put things together with people he trusts, even when it doesn’t directly benefit him.

When Alan Parson’s reached out to him about his album planned for release in 2022, Ioannis brought us in to make the edition of prints part of the project from the off and I think you can feel the positive energy flowing out of the cover image, and of course the beautiful edition of prints that we now have in our collection.

Alan Parsons From The New World album art print by Ioannis