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10 of 10cc

Storm always had a thing about numbers.

Ten years ago Hypergallery began working with Storm and Po to create a collection of prints celebrating the wonderful work produced throughout this relationship between the band, 10cc and the design studio, Hipgnosis. “Must be at least 10” said Storm. So 10 of 10cc it was.

So here we are, ten years after the project began, with ten titles from 1973's Sheet Music to 2012's Tenology 40 years (nearly) of 10cc covers. There are 60 individually signed and numbered prints in each of the 10 editions, published in 2012. Each print is a giclée in pigment inks on woodstock Felt 310gsm.

Our favourite is Deceptive Bends. There are many stunning images from the Hipgnosis catalogue that we love and wanted to publish as prints; this was always up there at the top of that wish list.

Scale photo of 10cc Deceptive Bends art print by Hipgnosis

Storm designed a beautiful booklet to accompany the prints, and Graham Gouldman, who of course is the consistent face of 10cc, was kind enough to sign them. This is available to all collectors purchasing three or more prints from this set.